A Career Cafe is an innovative career event that:


·         Engages students and generates community involvement.

·         Meets ASCA American School Counselor Association National Standards for academics, social, and career development.

·         Recruits scores of successful people who represent students’ unique and individual career interests.  This works for the entire student population, including special education, ESL, and at-risk students.

·         Creates an environment where students and speakers engage in dynamic and open dialogs concerning specific careers, how to achieve goals, and how to be successful in college and in the real world as independent thinkers and productive citizens.                                                                                 

·         Is designed to meet each school’s particular demographics, school-to-career goals, and infrastructure. 



·         The event gives students access to local professionals who want to share their insights and experiences.

·         It expands students’ awareness of the opportunities available to them.

·         It provides opportunities for students to discuss important concerns about achieving professional and personal success that they may never obtain otherwise.

·         It can produce immediate internship, job shadowing, employment, and college visit opportunities for all students.

·         It can dramatically increase the volunteer resources available for school-to-career activities.

·         It is an excellent way to involve parents and the community at large in a positive and enjoyable school activity that creates a positive learning community. 

·         Based on previous student evaluations, students overwhelmingly enjoy Career Cafe's and want to participate in similar events in the future.  Evaluation summaries are available on request.




Education Transfer designs, implements, and administers career events that are substantially different and more student-oriented than other career events.  Career Cafe's are not career fairs, nor are they formal presentations by speakers representing a small sampling of careers.


We will produce a Career Cafe that is unique for your school based on your students’ unique career interests.  We do all of the recruiting, processing, monitoring, administering, and trouble shooting.


Education Transfer’s proprietary processes, forms, and interactive website make the design, implementation, and administration of each Career Cafe a highly effective and successful.  Education Transfer‘s well-established system dramatically reduces the time demands placed on school leadership and staff.


Note:  Our interactive website makes it easy for students to prepare for the event and for administrators to monitor the event’s preparation & progress.


We provide services that include:

·         Consultations with a school’s leadership, to design both the event and a plan of action for implementing it.

·         Individualized Student Success Plans for all students, including special education, ESL, and at-risk students.

·         Preparation materials that ensure high-quality and focused discussions between students and speakers.

·         Complete management of logistical arrangements, such as the proper placement of students and speakers at the event.

·         Comprehensive printed materials for preparing students, speakers, and staff.

·         Recruiting services that attract scores of successful professionals who represent the students’ unique career interests. 

·         Administration and summarization of evaluation surveys completed by students, speakers, and staff.

·         A directory of speakers, which provides a powerful year-round resource for a school’s other school-to-career activities. 

This directory lists all speakers who offered to be available to students in ways such as job shadowing, mentoring, company visits, internships, and employment.  Typically, over 90% of the participating speakers offer to be available to the students in one or more of the aforementioned ways.